Matt's Favorite quote from The Office:

"There's no theater in that, pam."

payge's Favorite quote from The Office:

"I am beyonce, always."

Our leadership

a tale of two nerds

You caught us! We're total dorks!

Payge Kerman, Chief Executive Officer, founded Blooming Pixel Creatives in April of 2017 after an extraordinary opportunity presented itself. For one and a half years, Payge was running BPC as a one-woman-show. With an incredible team, Blooming Pixel Creatives grew far past where Payge wanted to be with no additional leadership support. In November of 2017, when Payge first hired Matt, she knew it was a match made in nerd heaven. After insisting that Matt learn how to play Settlers of Catan (and be able to give Payge a run for her money), and making endless "The Office" jokes, Payge spent a year teaching Matt the ins-and-outs of BPC. Matt Cain officially became part of the leadership team in January of 2019 and is now the Chief Technology Officer. The two of them make a powerful team with complimentary strengths.

Emmery + Ellie

Chief Furry Officers

We wouldn't be who we are without them...

Payge and Matt hold down the fort and keep the trains running, but Blooming Pixel Creatives would cease to be the same place without the support of a truly amazing team. With the help of other techies, designers, strategists, copywriters, and sales staff, Blooming Pixel Creatives has become a company filled with joy and energy.

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