3 Tips to Boost Your Engagement

If you take anything away from this short and sweet newsletter, let it be this: boosting engagement online is just like building a relationship - it takes time and lots of love. But it is SO worth it.

From Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter, to newsletters, there are so many ways to connect to your audience. While it’s ideal to connect through a variety of platforms, ensuring that you’re delivering honest messaging with integrity on at least one platform will take you far. It’s better to deliver quality engagement and grow a calculated audience than spread yourself thin over various platforms.

A key part of connecting to your audience?

Engagement.  (Cue oohs and aahs)

While it’s a term thrown around haphazardly, engagement has the ability to build a community and loyal following– key elements to long term business success. Engagement involves commenting on customers posts, tagging loyal followers, organizing giveaways, and sharing a bit of yourself. Think of online engagement as a virtual rendition of a customer connecting to a store employee or philosophy.  

Engagement strategies differ between different platforms (don’t worry – we’ll have a separate newsletter for each), but in general, we’ve gathered a few tried and true tips that resonate with Blooming Pixel Creatives. We think they’ll work for ya’ as well:

  1. Paint a clear picture of who you want to connect with.

Who are your services designed for? Who would you like to see connecting with your brand? Getting incredibly specific will help you determine a defined direction for your brand. Once you know your audience, building engaging topics and contents will be a pleasure.

Pro tip: we like to draw avatars of our ideal clients with an engagement sphere around them. Think about where they shop, what they eat, who they talk to on the phone, what time they wake up and go to sleep.

  1. Get to know your current audience.

Your business should be tailored to your audience. By creating a stream of connection through curated content, your clients will feel seen, understood, and respected. Ask fun and engaging questions, create live streams, show behind-the-scenes moments, and give your audience a voice!

  1. Have fun.

The internet is incredible. You can connect with an international audience, in real time. Engagement should be energizing, inspiring, and fun. It should be a way to connect with your customers in an innovative and truthful manner. Building those relationships is so important... so you might as well have a good time doing it.

Totally lost? Not sure who your audience is or how to connect with them? No worries - that’s one of our specialities. We’re more than happy to have a tête-à-tête about your engagement and how to grow your audience.

Just want something quick and tangible? Ask us to get the stats on your best and worst-performing post and perform a little analysis!

Let's connect!