Business as Usual: Even During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Remember: even the longest winters end in springtime.

We agree – it’s a weird time in a world.

In Portland, we’re being asked to stay indoors albeit ‘essential errands’ like going to the grocery store or bank - or taking a walk around the block to preserve our sanity. It doesn’t help that it’s been perfectly sunny and beautiful while the world is seemingly falling apart. 

Ever the optimists, we’re in awe at the kindness that we’ve seen in our direct and global community. From people sharing resources, to supporting small businesses from afar, to simply staying inside, it’s been incredible to observe how a larger issue can bring people together… even if we’re all binge-watching Netflix separately. 

But, the fact is that as the Coronavirus continues to spread, small businesses are and will continue to be directly impacted by the pandemic. We see Coronavirus as a medium to analyze the relationships between producers (business owners) and consumers - and evolve alongside these drastic changes in the world. Even if that means completely changing marketing strategies. 

If you’re feeling the effects of COVID-19 on your business, it’s okay to admit that you’re scared. That you don’t know where you stand. That you’re not sure how to proceed next. And it’s more than okay to ask for some help. That’s what we're here for. And for the record, we feel it, too.

At the Blooming Pixel Creatives headquarters, we’re firing on all cylinders. While we’re in the comfort of our homes, the BPC team has not slowed down. If anything, we’ve stepped it up, because we KNOW that your business is relying on our excellence. We live to empower and equip our current and future clients with the tools to succeed. And we will get through this together, which is why we’re going on with business as usual – special quarantine edition.

Here’s what to expect in the upcoming weeks:

  1. Zoom meetings, whenever you need them. We’re here for you. If you need any support, advice, or assets to strategically position yourself during this time, we’re all ears. Our entire team, from design to copywriting, to social strategies, is tuned in and ready to help. 
  2. Regular Appointment Hours (9am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday). If you need us, reach out. We’re here and we’re always available.
  3. Flexible Payment Plans. Put away your (entire) wallet. Over our time as an agency, we’ve realized that small businesses can’t always invest 100% upfront. So we’ve developed flexible payment plans. Put only 10% down up-front and divide the rest over 18 months. 

As we collectively figure out what the heck is going on, it’s crucial to lean into community and conversation to work through this time together. Together, we’ll evolve stronger with clearer visions on what life should be like as business owners, individuals, and a global family. 

Remember to seek the silver lining - take time to breathe, rest, and recuperate. Then, hit the ground running. 

P.S. If you’re needing help coming up with a killer marketing plan for this time, we’re reducing the rate for our 60-minute strategy sessions to $100 USD (instead of $250). We want to see you succeed. 

With love,

Payge, Matt, and the BPC team

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