Our BIGGEST launch day ever!

Our baby, BPC 2.0 (what we're calling our new website), is going live today! We’ve been keeping it very hush hush for a reason… we didn't want to tell you about it until it was perfect -and- ready.

After two and a half years with the original site Payge built when she was a one-woman-show, it’s time to give a big Marie Kondo thank you to BPC 1.0 (our old site) for serving us well and for helping us grow our business. So long, old friend. We’re ready for an upgrade!

As Blooming Pixel Creatives has grown by leaps and bounds, we needed a more robust, professional, innovative website to showcase just that. However, as many of you know, being a business owner often means that you have zero time to think about yourself and your own brand because you are so focused on helping others with theirs. Naturally, this site took us a long time to roll out for a few reasons. The first reason: we never want to under-deliver. We wanted to make sure that we weren’t launching the site until we all felt extremely happy with it, and felt like it was a fantastic representation of the whole team. The second reason: we kept getting side-tracked with more important projects. So, after a year and a half of building it, scrapping the designs a few times, bug testing for weeks on end, and getting all of our photos taken, we are FINALLY ready to show you! With tons of hover and loading effects, the site is a joy to interact with.

Some things we love:

  • Our personalities translate onto the page. You can get a feel for who we are immediately.
  • The high-impact design that wows. It’s bold, it’s confident, it’s cohesive.
  • The moving portfolio graphic that transitions into a lightbox when clicked.

This website was built from the ground up. As we always promise our clients, we won’t use any templates or themes– it’s one of our core values. It’s only natural that we lead by example. Every compelling detail is created exclusively for our brand. This site is authentically us: animated, confident, and credible.

Grab a cocktail, check it out, and take your time getting to know us! Cheers to a bigger, brighter future with BPC 2.0!

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