Content Strategist

Darius Moore

Darius is a media creative from New York City with roots in Connecticut and North Carolina. With a degree in Cinema and Television Arts, Darius hopes to use the power of storytelling to amplify voices we have yet to hear and to create a world in which their stories matter. Darius's passions for art and storytelling lead him to a content strategist position at Blooming Pixel Creatives, where he encourages clients to find their own voices and to tell their unique stories on social media and beyond. Consumers connect to brands with good stories – let's tell them the greatest story they have ever heard (watch out, J.K. Rowling).

If i were a cocktail, i'd be...

A pink gin + tonic with a hint of thyme because he's classic, but dismissive of tradition.


Darius has performed with Pink Floyd at Madison Square Garden.


Can accurately recall the year any pop song of the current millennia was released.


Always purchases chips with a burrito bowl for optimal scooping.

this -or- that?

when forced to pick a side, true colors are revealed

Dog vs. Cat

Dog vs. Cat

Tea vs. Coffee

Tea vs. Coffee

Music vs. Podcasts

Music vs. Podcasts

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