Chief Furry Officer

Emmery Kerman

Emmery is the Chief Furry Officer of Blooming Pixel Creatives. When she's not taking client calls, she's yapping at people passing by the office, stealing toys from Ellie, or sitting on Payge's lap while designing. When she's in the office, Emmery makes herself comfortable on the blue velvet chairs, or curled up under Payge's desk. Though she's a major mama's girl, she loves meeting new people!

If i were a cocktail, i'd be...



Doesn't really care about treats, but loves stealing them from Ellie.


Knows how to sit, wait, come, shake (with both hands), and catch treats in her mouth.


Emmery is a Havanese with a genetic mutation. The mutation causes her hair to be thin and straight.

this -or- that?

when forced to pick a side, true colors are revealed

Dog vs. Cat

Dog vs. Cat

Tea vs. Coffee

Tea vs. Coffee

Music vs. Podcasts

Music vs. Podcasts

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