Outreach Coordinator

Katie Dover

An expansive background in various fields has allowed Katie to find one thing she loves that ties them all together: fostering meaningful relationships. She believes that even the smallest day-to-day interactions have the potential to leave a lasting impact; consequently, she strives to meet each conversation with the same compassion and enthusiasm as the last. With a personal love for graphic design, she is thrilled to be working on projects and with clients that fulfill so many of her passions.

If i were a cocktail, i'd be...

Jello shot – because every party is better with them!


Will talk endlessly about Harry Potter if given the chance, and can confidently sort anyone into one of the four Hogwarts houses.


Owns a small, rambunctious cat named Pepper- lovingly named after Pepper Potts, of course!


Can bake a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies.

this -or- that?

when forced to pick a side, true colors are revealed

Dog vs. Cat

Dog vs. Cat

Tea vs. Coffee

Tea vs. Coffee

Music vs. Podcasts

Music vs. Podcasts

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