CTO + Vice President

Matt Cain

Matt Cain’s interests are at the intersection of tech and human behavior. He uses a deep understanding of how people interact with computers to build websites and applications that people enjoy using. Brands only have seconds to influence new users, and Matt is passionate about helping our clients make great first impressions. On a practical side, Matt enjoys helping clients make good decisions about the tech they use– saving them money without sacrificing on a solid infrastructure.

If i were a cocktail, i'd be...

Whiskey, neat.


Easily made happy by black coffee, single malt scotch, and spicy food.


Considers hiking in the woods, sleeping on a beach, or driving in his truck at night, all silently and aimlessly, to be among life’s richer experiences.


Watches The Office and Parks and Recreation over, and over, and over, and over, and o…

this -or- that?

when forced to pick a side, true colors are revealed

Dog vs. Cat

Dog vs. Cat

Tea vs. Coffee

Tea vs. Coffee

Music vs. Podcasts

Music vs. Podcasts

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