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Payge Kerman

Payge Kerman is the founder and CEO of Blooming Pixel Creatives. With a background in interactive art, UX design, and web design, Payge has translated her skillset into creating a company focused on a holistic approach to marketing. Payge describes her personal aesthetic as "tasteful maximalism"– colors, patterns, textures... Yeah, baby! Payge loves crafting websites full of energy and personality, while still adhering to and pushing boundaries of UX conventions.

Payge's real "genius zone" revolves around being able to connect with clients. As a total extrovert, Payge thrives when chatting with clients, whether about their projects, or just about life in general. So, don't be a stranger! Shoot Payge a message and start talking!

If i were a cocktail, i'd be...

A champagne spritzer with a splash strawberry juice, a squeeze of honey, and a dash of bitters. Garnished with a lime twist, and a mint leaf. Gotta love a gal that's just a little too much.


Payge is fluent in Spanish and would love nothing more than to move to Argentina. If only the tech industry was there...


She does her best work in the middle of a nightclub. R&B music fuels her soul and her night mojo.


Payge is a board game fanatic. You will often spot her playing Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Decrypto, and Mystery of the Abbey.

this -or- that?

when forced to pick a side, true colors are revealed

Dog vs. Cat

Dog vs. Cat

Tea vs. Coffee

Tea vs. Coffee

Music vs. Podcasts

Music vs. Podcasts

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