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Project Brief:

COJ Events is a dynamic event planning company based out of La Quinta, California. They’ve been featured everywhere from Vogue to Martha Stewart Weddings for their unique approach to event planning.

We created a bold, color-filled website that simultaneously feels luxe and zany. This website is a slick, personality-filled representation of a luxury brand. In our eyes, being a high-end company doesn’t mean that you need to lose out on any color, vibrancy, or chances to let your personality shine through.

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COJ Events
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Client's request:

The COJ owners and team were seeking a website that elevated their company’s online presence, better demonstrated their event-planning capabilities, and contained elements that made them really stand out from other planners.

Our solution:

Taking into account their brand and goals, the whole team at BPC came together to create an incredible website that visually and lyrically displays the beauty of COJ Events. Swoon.

From the tabbed gallery view to the personal team bios, this site screams, “I’m fun, but I get shit done!”

The site colors, vibrance, and outgoing personality helped to freshen up their brand.

The tech:

Custom-built site with custom content management system.

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