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Project Brief:

Doing Things Media came to us requesting a website design for their in-house team to develop. Their request was to have a website that felt fluid, lacked a blocky feel, and was dynamic enough to engage users in every section. Using a broad color palette, movement-controlled animations, and a bold layout, the website marries the playful nature of the Doing Things Media brand with the seriousness of their capabilities.

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Doing Things Media
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Client's request:

The old Doing Things Media website felt stale and under-designed. Because their previous site was designed by developers, it lacked allure and basic UX principles, but had a powerful backend to support a daring new design.

Our solution:

We designed a website specifically to WOW the user. We wanted every portion of the site to have interactivity or effects that would increase time-on-page, conversions, and connection with the user.

The tech:

Adobe XD mockups and prototypes

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