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Herrington on the Bay

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Project Brief:

When we work with a client as established as Herrington on the Bay, with over 25 years of industry experience, we know to prepare for a full slate of material from copy, to media, to marketing collateral. We had quite a task at hand.

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Herrington on the Bay
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Client's request:

In reviewing Herrington’s old site, a functional Wordpress website, we realized that they would need a complete sweep to make the site more user friendly and less congested. Their property is gorgeous, and the visual aspects of the business are its highlights. We wanted to make sure to incorporate as much visual stimuli as possible without overwhelming readers with content. And with so much information to share with their clients, we needed to give readers some more space to digest the media and copy on each of the site’s pages. There were hundreds of images and videos to sift through and coordinate with the design of each of the pages and we were ultimately successful in choosing the appropriate media.

Our solution:

Herrington on the Bay’s website racked up a total of 22 pages with multiple page templates and fresh copy for almost every single page. Since Herrington provides a comprehensive experience for their clients, we wanted their website to reflect their attention to detail, displaying every single service that they offer and finding a way to keep readers clicking through the site to learn more. Our copy helped to enhance that feeling of interest and familiarity, asking the reader to imagine themselves experiencing all of what Herrington had to offer from dining, to lodging and event coordination.

The tech:

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