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Jen Lagers Beauty

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Project Brief:

Jen's site is inspired by her approach to beauty: natural elegance. We wanted everything to feel airy, natural, and minimal, with some femininity and just a little "diva" thrown in. Her site uses scroll effects and subtle hover effects to gain some movement and softness. With a custom built site, we kissed goodbye to Wordpress and gave her an option that will more flexibly fit her needs.

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Jen Lagers Beauty
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Client's request:

Jen came to us with a Wordpress website that just wasn't cutting it. After getting hacked, not feeling in-touch with her website, and feeling confident in the depth her portfolio, Jen came to us. For anyone who knows her, Jen is vibrant, personable, and so lovely, but her website wasn't communicating all those things. We wanted to help showcase how amazing she is as a person and how much she excels at her craft.

Our solution:

We crafted a custom-coded website built off of Wordpress in order to prevent future hacks, as well as limit the possibility of software updates that could lead to insecurities. We designed and built the site to reflect her approach to elegance: simple and natural.

The tech:

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