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Project Brief:

Level Up Strength Society, a Portland, OR personal training duo, sought a website that would quite literally *level up* their old one. Amelia and Alberto discussed wanting a workout portal to accompany their PDF workout programs. This workout portal needed to allow for the download of the program, for users to log their workouts, and for clients to purchase new programs from – all one centralized location. On top of that, they needed a site that functioned as a standard small business website with general information about their business.

As a side note, you do not have to purchase anything to explore the member portal, so please feel free to create an account and poke around!

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Level Up Strength Society
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Client's request:

The old website for Level Up Strength Society was built using WIX, a platform that requires a template be used. Since it isn't possible to build a membership portal with a custom database in WIX, they knew it was time to take it to the pros.

Our solution:

Our custom site was built to allow for flexibility within the workout portal. We wanted Amelia and Alberto to be able to add, update, and delete different programs on their own, so having a user-friendly CMS was imperative.

The tech:

With the goal of making the site just as easy to use as it is to manage, we found the solution in leveraging Contentful as a CMS, and Stripe to handle payments. A REST API ties the two together, allowing users the security of Stripe and the speed of Contentful’s global CDN when downloading Level Up's workout programs.

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