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Project Brief:

Rhiannon's blog is where her entrepreneurial journey began. Rhiannon says, "The journalist in me treasures this space in a way that's hard to articulate." This blog is designed to be a space for resources, treasured moments, connection, and engagement. For 11 years, Rhiannon's blog has grown with each walk of her life, and as she steps into the new chapter with her business, she felt it necessary to move into a new chapter with her blog, as well. This blog introduces a more engaging user experience and streamlined functionality.

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Rhiannon Bosse Blog
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Client's request:

Rhiannon's old blog was absolutely lovely. There was nothing wrong with it. Her desire to change the blog was a reflection of the changes in her life. She decided to move to an aesthetic more similar to hers of the present moment, which consists of a love of taupes, layering, and texture.

Our solution:

This custom Wordpress theme was designed and developed to fit seamlessly into her current blog structure. Because we didn't want to undo any formatting that had been previously established on her blog (i.e. all of her images were 850px wide), we designed around these features, allowing for an entirely new design and superior development, without harming the structure of the posts from the past.

The tech:

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