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Project Brief:

The new website for Laura Behnke, founder of The Life Actually Company, was designed as a blog site, through-and-through. This site allows for Laura to post, categorize, add products for readers to shop, and edit everything on a super user-friendly CMS. 

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The Life Actually Company
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Client's request:

The site for Laura's previous brand, First and Trend, was also a blog site, but focused primarily around fashion. With Laura's new endeavor into the world of lifestyle blogging, the old fashion-based site was outgrown. The old blog was executed with the Avada theme on Wordpress. Avada is a great theme for small businesses, but for blog sites, it's not as flexible or versatile as needed. That's where we came in.

Our solution:

On this site, we created different sections of each page that show only certain post features from different categories. We created internal pagination, which allows the site to stay in the exact same position, even when the page is reloaded to show new posts. Another thing we love is the feature that allows Laura to turn on a switch that allows the site to recognize the post as a duplicate so that it will never show the same post in the same section. 

The tech:

This custom website utilized many different facets of conditional visibility, including programming a way for the website to recognize when there is a duplicate post, to ensure it doesn't end up on the home page twice.

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