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Membership web application with ecommerce functionality

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Project Brief:

Tiffany and Katherine, the owners of Yomassage™, came to Blooming Pixel Creatives in January requesting branding for Yomassage™ that reflected their three-pronged approach: touch, stretch, breath. We completed this branding and completely fell in love with the soft color scheme and the wispy nature of the strokes.

After about 2 months of partnering together on a variety of branding endeavors, Yomassage™ expressed that they were ready to upgrade their website to a more robust web app. They wanted processes to be automated, wholesale prices to be available to members, and to reduce time spent on data-entry.

Going into the web app, we knew a bunch about their old site and what needed to change, and we concocted a plan that would allow them to have a stronger, more flexible website in the future.

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Client's request:

Here was the user-flow of the old site:

Step 1: A user took a training in-person, then needed to email Katherine or Tiffany their photo, bio, email address, practicing city, and practicing state to become a member.

Step 2: Katherine would manually create an account for each member and input all the aforementioned data into a Wordpress membership plugin.

Step 3: Users could log in and see restricted content, built on two different pages, correlating with their membership tier.

Step 4: A member could fill out a Google Form with their class details.

Step 5: Katherine would manually transfer all responses from the Google Form onto the website calendar.

In order to purchase a Yomassage™ product, a user would have to navigate to a separate Shopify site.

Our solution:

Here is the user-flow of the new site:

Step 1: A user takes a training in-person, then can navigate to the website to create an account as a Yomassage™ Certified Therapist, a Yomassage™ Certified Supporter, a studio with Yomassage™ therapists, or a Yomassage™ Trauma Informed Therapist.

Step 2: A user can then pick a payment plan for either the Premier Membership or the Basic Membership.

Step 3: Once the member has paid, they can see restricted content based off of their payment plan, which is built on one page with dynamic content.

Step 4: A member can fill out an embedded Google Form with their class details, which automatically adds the event to a Google Calendar, which is integrated into the site via an API to load the events dynamically every 15 minutes.

On this new site, there is very little need for manual data-entry.

While Shopify is not a platform traditionally designed to build web apps other than online shops, we transformed it into an app that could do so much more.

Here is the functionality list of everything that the new Yomassage™ site can do:

  • Log in as a member -or- a customer
  • Sign up as a member -or- a customer
  • Signed-up members can purchase a membership via a recurring Stripe subscription via credit card or debit card
  • Based off of the subscription, a member can see restricted content
  • Once a membership has been purchased, member data gets displayed on a “Find a Therapist” page
  • Customers and members can purchase a product with a credit card, debit card, or Google Pay and have payment details saved to their accounts
  • Users can update their member profiles
  • If a recurring charge gets declined, content access is restricted and the member is required to pay again upon login
  • Members and ordinary users can see different continuing education pages
  • Classes can be added by members via a Google Form automatically to a Google Calendar, which integrates automatically with the “Find a Class” page on the website
  • Admins can add new trainings and links to register for trainings
  • All text-content on the main pages is editable by an admin
  • Admins can add new products, coupon codes
  • Admins can manually add new members one-by-one or by .csv files, if needed
  • Admins can restrict pages
  • Admins can manually add new classes, if needed
  • Admins can add new Master Practitioners to the “Our Team” page
  • Users can subscribe to the Yomassage™ email newsletter and segment themselves via their selection of what they are interested in

The tech:

  • Fully custom-coded Shopify theme
  • Custom-built membership database
  • Paywhirl payment processing

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